To work collaboratively with nearby farming entities in providing an inclusive educational and living setting for persons with disabilities.

To reduce the unemployment rate among persons with disabilities by providing a work study program which trains for sustainable life and employment skills.

To encourage students with diverse abilities to work side by side, complementing each others’ skills, with the goal of achieving a model inclusive community, in an educational and agricultural environment.

To challenge students with high intellectual potential to discover and implement research based practices for innovative agriculture.

To teach transition skills to students with disabilities who are living away from home for the fist time.

  • Cyber safety
  • Technology skills
  • Cooking
  • Social skills
  • Transportation
  • Self help
  • Finance
  • Employability
  • Living independently

To teach employability skills to students seeking an Agricultural Degree at Shepherd’s Field college.

To model a totally green environment, living and educational space for students to use in their future living and working environments.

To develop and implement a course of agricultural study which gives immediate related work experience.

To implement concepts of ECHO farms, a world food program designed to conserve resources in agricultural practice.